Who I am

I started taking photos from what seemed like right out of the womb. I first started learning from my dad, who is going on 50 years as a professional photographer. He is the most talented person I know! From there, I started second-shooting at weddings, engagements, senior sessions, school portraits, (you get the gist). I fell completely in love with this career and I decided to start my own business! If I could take photos every single day, all day, I would. It brings me so much joy to capture beautiful moments for beautiful people!



My husband Bryce and I have been married since May of 2018. We started dating when we were only 15, had a play-T-Swizzle-songs-in-my-car-while-I-sob-kind-of-breakup, and then got back together 3 years later! He is the videographer at our church and I serve on the worship team, as well as other ministries. We also have a nine-month-old puppy named Coco, who is our baby.

When I'm not taking photos, you can find me at Disney, playing with Coco, laughing till my stomach hurts, drinking Kombucha, baking or attempting recipes for my own açaí bowls.

Coco is a border-collie & blue-heeler mix.

Coco is a border-collie & blue-heeler mix.

Enough about me,  come tell your story!

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