December 15, 2020

What To Wear For Engagement Photos!

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If you’re like me choosing an outfit is such a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! Here are my top tips to rock your engagement session!

1. Keep it simple!

The simpler the better! You should feel comfortable in the outfits you wear. Make sure you can move well in them.

2. Stick with neutral colors

Stray away from pastels and heavy patterns. Busy patterns can be a huge distraction in photos. Neutral is best – earthly greens, nudes are always great options!

3. Bring your pups along!

They’re part of the family too, right?

4. Bring two outfits

I always suggest bringing one casual outfit and one fancier outfit. Keep in mind you’ll have plenty of dress-up photos on the wedding day so this is the perfect time to get casual, playful photos that show off your personality!

5. Ditch the matchy-matchy

Instead, opt for a color scheme and have your partner stick with that scheme. This will pull your outfits together perfectly without being overly matchy!

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