December 15, 2020

How To Pose For Wedding Photos

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Do wedding photos scare you? Well, they shouldn’t! While they can be nerve-wracking, taking the time to slow down, relax, and trust your photographer is key. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of my go-to wedding day poses for wedding days! These poses make couples look natural & relaxed and allow them to have an intimate moment and really take in the day!

  1. Walk Hand In Hand

Walking hand in hand always looks great on camera! Remember to relax and take it slow.

2. The First Touch

This one is obviously one of the most important photographs of the whole day! This moment should be completely candid, as if the photographer isn’t even there. Let the moment unfold and take in that the day is finally here!

3. Fidget With Cuff Links

This pose is one I love to give to the groom. As well all know, grooms usually dread taking photos. This pose keeps things simple and gives them something to do with their hands!

4. Walk Up The Steps

This one is a classic for beautiful venues such as the one below. If your venue doesn’t have any steps, have the groom lead the bride as they walk hand in hand.

5. The Candid Laugh

Laughter always looks great especially on camera. A good photographer will be able to make you laugh to create images that show off your personality as a couple!

6. The Chin Grab

The chin grab is a perfect pose that creates an intimate moment between the couple. This one looks straight out of a magazine!

7. Grooms Face As The Bride Comes Down The Aisle

This one will tug on your heartstrings.. the moment that every bride is waiting for! This photo is a MUST and requires no posing at all – completely natural and beautiful!

8. Look Down At Bouquet

Let’s face it… bouquets are beautiful and need to have their moment to shine too. Look down at your stunning bouquet and have your photographer snap some images.

9. Kiss Her Neck

Want to add a little spice? Have your guy kiss your neck, let your neck fall backward, and ta-da, you’ve just created magic!

10. Forehead Kiss

Forehead kisses are perfect for creating soft and gentle images.

I hope these poses gave you some inspo for your wedding day and also helped to calm any nerves you have! Follow along for more inspo & tips to ensure your wedding day goes seamlessly!

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